It’s a Wrap — First CCRI BBHN Symposium

Many thanks to Myrton N1GKE for coordinating the CCRI BBHN Symposium today, and for Bruce KR1Z hosting us at CCRI.  And thanks to Willis KB1JFG and Bruce W1BAW for running the show and making the power point presentations.  By my head count, there were 21 participants, and at least six nodes up and running in the room.
For those of you that couldn’t attend, Bruce Wattendorf  W1BAW and Willis Drew W1BAW demonstrated both IP camera technology, as well as Internet Relay Chat (keyboard communication and file sharing).  In addition, they showed off a Raspberrry Pi based VPN that allows one to interconnect separate RF “islands” via the internet.  All the “viewing” and “chatting” we did today were through our BBHN nodes.
Participants were able to connect, using their own BBHN node, to the Camera or Chat Services that were installed on two of the nodes in the network.
A couple of “to-do” items came out of the meeting:
1) There is a desire to leverage “eWaste” surplus routers and antennas and try to distribute them to hams throughout the state in an attempt to grow the network and gain connectivity.  There was some discussion about installing a node at the top of the CCRI facility (Ubiquity Bullet to a 8 dBi Omni), and trying to locate other high-in-the-clear locations state wide.  While there was general consensus that moving to 3 GHz or 5 GHz seemed to be a better choice (atmospheric conditions bother the 2.4 GHz band), at the moment building up a 2.4 GHz system will be quicker initially.
2) Have a second follow-up meeting, perhaps in the same location, toward the end of July.  Myrton is working on that.
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