BBHN-Pi-VPN Server setup

if you have not set up the raspberry pi yet and have not logged into the BBHN-Pi interface then go here first.

setting up a server requires a few things on you home network like port forwarding, and a dnsdynamic domain setup. It will also require you to setup the client connections on the server.

Step One set up DNS Dynamic account this is a free account and it gives you home network external IP a URL so the clients know where to connect to.

go to to set up a free account. (also in the future release I plan on being able to have the settings in the BBHN so the Pi will update your forwarding service your external IP address)

Step Two Port forwarding you will need to set up port forwarding on your home network router to 5000 and forward to your IP of the WAN port of the Raspberry Pi. (this port can be changed in the VPN server settings if need be)

Step Three Managing the Server info and emailing it to the clients.

on the VPN Server Tab you need to set up

The Call sign of each Client (dont worrie it is not case sensitive)

a Password for each client (I use

the client IP and server IP this is will be different then the mesh and also your home network for example I use range each one needs to be different.

then you need to email (or any way you would like) the info I use this format

Call sign: W1baw

password: 4rrt4567

client ip:

Server ip: